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Do You Need a Wedding Musician? A Musician will add a touch of class to your Wedding Celebration

January 15th, 2021 · No Comments · Music

hire a string quartet

Few can imagine walking down the aisle without the famous Wedding March playing. Since its composure in 1842, it has been a firm favourite ever since.

But music isn’t just restricted to walking down the aisle and it doesn’t have to be so traditional. From the moment you reach the reception, your wedding musicians can set the tone of the evening to come. They can beckon everyone from your friends and family to head on down to the dancefloor.

What are the options available to you?


There’s something deeply moving about the soulful saxophone and there’s nothing quite like it. When you hear the saxophone, it’s unmistakable and it is never dated. The sax is a timeless instrument. So, whatever your taste, saxophonists’ versatility can give your day that personal touch.

An Elegant Harpist

When you think of the harp you likely imagine floaty music reminiscent of a dream. But the harp has more strings to its bow than that. From fabulous classics to jazz and even classic pop, all your favourite songs can be played on the harp, as you’ve never heard them before.


When you walk down the aisle, don’t settle for the local organist playing dusty old pipes, when you can have an unforgettable violinist playing your chosen piece.  Later on, in the evening the violin becomes a fiddle capable of playing jigs and folk tunes, pop, and many more. What a way to end your wedding day?


This is probably the most popular of wedding musicians and the piano is the king of instruments. The sheer potential of a talented pianist is staggering. With a piano, you’re going to need to meet your pianist beforehand and plan your song choices. Most pianists are as versatile as their instruments. They’ll tailor their tunes to meet your requests to play a classic song for everyone to sing along to or choose a beautiful piece for everyone to gather around. Few things get people talking like talent. Music brings us all together. Hearing the fingers dance upon the keys, your guests will know they’re in for a treat. A night to remember!

Acoustic Guitarist

The wedding acoustic guitarist is yet another popular choice for a wedding musician from classical to pop you can hire different styles of guitarist to suit your requirements for your reception. Also, you will find that a guitarist is very adaptable and would be a good choice for all parts of your wedding day including the ceremony and drinks reception.


Bagpipes are a woodwind instrument and are an incredibly stirring and evocative instrument and will help make your wedding all the more memorable.

String Quartets

This is an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony as well as a reception; your friends and family will be entertained while they wait for the proceedings to begin. A string quartet not only performs classical pieces but more modern pop tunes also.

These are just a handful of musicians you could hire for your special day!



Hire a Jazz Band for your Wedding celebration

January 13th, 2021 · No Comments · Music

hire a jazz band

If you hire a jazz band it will boost the ambiance, aid with discussions, and make your wedding day celebration unforgettable. If there is one category of music that does this extremely well, it is jazz.

Having actually jazz music played by a live band at your reception, now that’s something even much better. The method they’d have the ability to bring the crowd in addition to them while setting the best tone for every single element of your event would be mesmerising.

If it’s a great concept to hire a Jazz band for their wedding event, couples here in the UK often question. We’re here to inform you it’s a choice you will not be sorry for, and we’re not simply stating this due to the fact that we enjoy jazz.

If you hire a jazz band for your wedding day and see how much you’ll enjoy them, examine out the following benefits you’ll get.

What is Jazz?

Jazz is one of the most flexible musical categories. You can wager that Jazz can crank up the spirits at your wedding celebration.

Something that is popular with Jazz is that it can be improvised. That suggests that even when you hire a jazz band to sing a specific tune, and your good friend does the exact same, they will both sound various. That brings an aspect of individuality to your wedding celebration as you can understand that your music will be among a kind.

Here are some more excellent reasons that you need to hire a jazz band for your wedding event.

Music is extremely relaxing

Did you understand that there are research studies revealing that listening to slow-paced music is great for relaxation? Now see yourself listening to relaxing jazz music after your event at the start of your reception.

Jazz Music is best for Interaction

Get this; Jazz music can help with that too. According to a research study brought out at John Hopkins University, up-tempo Jazz tunes promote the part of the brain accountable for language and interaction.

With numerous styles of jazz bands for hire you can have your favoured jazz play in the background throughout your reception supper, it’ll be fantastic. You’ll be guaranteeing that you all will have great deals of discussions, enjoyment, and laughter.

Jazz Music Will Make Your Wedding celebration day Memorable

Jazz music will guarantee that you have a memorable wedding event. Along with that, Jazz music has actually been shown to have a revitalizing result on memories. If you hire a jazz band for your wedding celebration, your visitors are sure to keep in mind the fun they had with you long after your event.

Well then? Are you prepared to offer your wedding day visitors the possibility of listening to music that is terrific for their physical and psychological health? With Jazz music, not just will you have an excellent event; you’ll be enhancing yourself and your guests too.



Why you must schedule a band for your business event

January 12th, 2021 · No Comments · Music

hire a soul band

Let’s face it all of us like music from the likes of an excellent funk and soul or Motown band blasting out rip-roaring disco belters to smooth-sailing soul ballads, or an Indie style band performing Oasis tunes and The Clash, or a jazz ensemble performing vintage jazz standards, there’s a little something in these vintage categories for everybody.

If you hire a band for an occasion they will bring all types of positive energy and show-stopping style to your very own business event, your Christmas party, or any other memorable occasion you want. Fortunately, Music8 has actually got a few of the very best in business at their disposal, all set to beauty, charm, and seduce your invitees with stunning entertainment and excellent musicianship.

Need more persuading? Continue reading to discover why you need to hire a band for a party or celebration.

Thrill your audience with a live band.

A fantastic live band has all the ideal components to light the fuse on your function, bringing the spark that’ll keep your participants speaking about your party well after the lights go down. The rhythms, the tunes, the clothing– soul, funk, Motown, rock, pop, and indie are the best sort of celebration music to match every background and every age.

Funk & Soul Bands

The variety and pizazz of soul, funk, and Motown as music categories make them perfect options for what they give occasions from a musical viewpoint. With pressing support beats backed by brass and wood wind, and memorable tunes bouncing from tune to tune, these classic categories are extremely popular amongst organisers for good reason.

Contribute to the celebration’s aesthetic

When you hire a band for your celebration or a wedding event, you do not simply get the exceptional music – you likewise get a boost to your functions aesthetic. A live band constantly looks the part, bringing all the glam, the glitz, and the shine of the category they are carrying out on to the stage in style.

Engage your customers or invitees.

A live party band is put together of skilled and expert performers who will engage your invitees or customers from start to finish. They’ll get your participants off their feet and on the dance floor, keeping them singing and having fun up until the last encore. They will be more than happy to play a few encores after all they are enjoying themselves as well.

Produce unforgettable memories.

A DJ running a laptop computer and speaker system will never ever bring the extraordinary phenomenon or the magic touches that a natural live band can. The unscripted memories of sparkle, the possibility of inspired improvisation, there truly is no alternative to a live music act that can follow the energy and nail the state of mind of the audience.

Include something special to the function.

Lots of individuals have not had the enjoyment of being captivated by a live, expert band before. Your celebration may even trigger a brand-new love for a brand-new kind of music, all brought on by your occasion choices.


The Party band will deal with you to comprehend precisely how you desire your day or night to go. They’ll supply all their own equipment, and they’ll take your specs and requirements into factor to consider with whatever they do. It’s your program and they’re trained to make it as unique and as remarkable as possible, according to how you desire it producing a great day or evening’s entertainment.

A band counts on its capability to impress and shine expertly. They’ll explore the tremendous list of foot-tapping, hand-clapping tunes, and numbers from the best ages of their genre.

For your next celebration or wedding event why not hire a party band and produce a wonderful day.


January 11th, 2021 · No Comments · Music


Wedding events are undoubtedly a terrific social event. As the day rolls into the night the event begins to kick into gear, and the households and close friends accept the delighted couple, nevertheless, the ambience, the state of mind of the entire night is definitely nothing without live music. Music is to a wedding party; what icing is to cake.

While numerous individuals pick a DJ to play their preferred tunes, it can never ever take on the power of live bands or the class of wedding singers. Here are the reasons why!

It will establish a fantastic ambiance

That’s why you actually require to hiring a band or a vocalist for your wedding event. A live entertainer will produce an electric ambiance and anticipation while guests wait for the band or vocalist to start. Your friends and family will be talking about the band or singer well after the party is over and talking about how good they played their favourite song.

A wedding singer or band will offer a personal touch to your wedding

With a live wedding event band, you’re experiencing a one-off unique experience, unlike any other night– isn’t that why we like live music?

In addition, when you hire a band or vocalist you do not need to restrict yourself to just pop or rock. You can supply the night a truly specific touch, with a variety of bands like a Ceilidh band, Mexican Mariachi bands, Motown band, acoustic bands, and even tribute bands; you can even employ a classical string quartet. You will likewise have the ability to go over ahead of time what kind of mood you wish to produce.

Your very own first dance performed by your band or singer

A wedding event vocalist or band will constantly acquire your tune for you for your very first dance making it something extremely unique. As the music passes, their close friends and household join them, and the celebration starts. With a band, the love runs high and you will remember the moment forever.

A night to remember for a long time

The band will join in the fun and they will even banter with your guests and when you work with a wedding singer or a live party band, you get something totally different, something distinct for your big day.

Basically; you can produce a night to remember for a very long time – your night!

When employing a band or vocalist keep in mind to book through a credible agency like Music8 and notably book early.


Why have a Roaming band for an event or a wedding?

January 7th, 2021 · No Comments · Music

mariachi band

Roaming bands or sometimes called wandering bands and strolling bands perform acoustically without any amplification allowing them to mix and mingle with the guests or clients.

A roaming band won’t just stand on the stage – their specialty is getting in amongst the crowds and adapting to the day as it unfolds, keeping your guests or clients entertained encouraging them to join in singing and dancing along.

A Mexican Mariachi band is a typical roaming band with acoustic guitar and trumpet.

Hire a roaming band for a wedding.

If you are thinking of having a festival style wedding or hiring a tipi and having drinks outside in the sunshine what can be better than having a roaming band playing all your favourite songs wandering between your family and friends. If your wedding is inside they will move from table to table providing great entertainment. A roaming band will accept any challenge to play anywhere within reason of course. While roaming around they will often take requests from your guests.

Roaming bands include talented musicians in a range of different genres, from roaming Pop bands to roaming vintage and even jazz bands. – Whatever you’re looking for in a roaming band Music8 can help find the perfect one for you. Roaming bands consist of quality musicians and are very professional and you can rely on them to be there on time and put on an unforgettable show.

They will provide the WOW factor for your wedding day that is for sure.

Thinking of a Roaming Band for Your Corporate Event?

A great event needs great music, and great music sometimes needs the freedom to roam around off the stage, explore the crowd, and get reactions. That’s why a roaming band is always a favourite when it comes to events, with their adaptability and flexibility, and quick set-up time.

A roaming band generally consists of male/female singers’ acoustic guitars, sometimes a double bass or banjo, and a Cajon or snare drum. There are other options including a strolling brass band which would light up any corporate event. Instruments would include horn section instruments such as trombones, trumpets, saxophones, sousaphone, and drums. They can play different genres like pop and funk, balkanised afro-beats, and jazz standards. A roaming brass band is also a great choice for a street party.

So if you are having a wedding or a birthday party or even a corporate function why not hire a roaming band and make it a special day and one your guests or clients will enjoy and be fully entertained.





Party bands what are they?

January 6th, 2021 · No Comments · Journal, Music


hire a party band

Party Bands

You might be pondering the possibility to hire a party band for a celebration or possibly a unique event like a wedding. An exceptional party band is going to keep you and your friends and families captivated for the entire celebration and will be playing all your preferred tunes to assist keep you and your close friends on the dance floor all night joining in the fun.

A party band is a live band comprised of gifted artists carrying out traditional pop and chart tunes and performing at weddings, birthday celebrations, and corporate events all around the country. A party band for hire as a 4 piece band will include a singer, lead guitar player, drummer, and bassist. if you have room at your location you can include additional artists consisting of keyboards or a saxophonist and potentially backing vocalists.


A live experienced band will supply sound equipment and lighting. They will have the choice forDJ service and some will even offer bandeoke for all your guests to join in.

When you’re preparing to hire a party band for your event there are a couple of vital things to think about. The following are just a number of concepts to think about and will help you in the process of finding the best band to captivate you at your celebration.

Expense is most likely the first thing you will think about however with bands beginning with a 3-piece upwards there really should be a band readily available for any spending plan. Inspect the area of the band, the closer they are to the location will keep the travel costs to a minimum. Utilizing an agency like Music8 will assist in discovering the very best party band at the very best possible cost.

Make certain your band has complete public liability and all their equipment is PAT tested.

The majority of bands normally play live for around 2 hours with a short interlude.

Furthermore, you need to select the style of music you would like your party band to play which needs to match not just yourself but your friends and family. With a lot of various categories to select from making certain you have a look at their collection of tunes. An efficient party band is going to have a huge collection to pick from and will make sure to play the absolute best tunes for everybody.

Ask if they will play a couple of your preferred tunes, a lot of bands will get to know them for you particularly if it is a first dance tune for a wedding. Also, check if you can use their microphone for speeches.

A band will expect soft drinks and some food to keep them going.

Take a look at your place for a sound limiter as this will limit the sound level and a band might not have the ability to perform. There would then be the alternative of acoustic bands that will have the ability to play unamplified.

When you hire a party band, these are simply a couple of ideas to look out for.




Thinking about band hire for an occasion?

January 5th, 2021 · No Comments · Music


hire a jazz band


A few of the possible benefits of band hire are as follows.

A live band will create a fantastic atmosphere for any occasion, celebration, or wedding. Not only will a live band be interactive with your guests but they will play the best tunes to keep everybody on the dance floor all night. Not only does a band look visually sensational with their instruments established on stage with the likes of the drums, guitars, and sometimes a double bass it creates anticipation while your guests are waiting on them to begin their very first set.

When you hire a band for your wedding or occasion it will include that touch of class it should have. They will bring energy and enjoyment and make your occasion Amazing.

When you hire a band not only do you get terrific live music they will typically offer a terrific DJ choice too. If you are thinking of a DJ or a band for your wedding many of the expert bands will supply this complementary alternative and will play music by means of a laptop computer or iPod in between their live sets and permitting your celebration to carry on late into the night.

This would be something that you will keep in mind permanently if you are preparing a wedding what could possibly be more fantastic than having your band perform your very first dance tune for you.

A live band will likewise be versatile and will perform their sets to suit your program.

Now that you have actually decided to hire a band the next action is to select the ideal one for your occasion.

There are many various styles of bands to pick from so depending upon the style of your occasion or wedding here are a number of alternatives you might opt for.

Function Band: This is a popular option for wedding events as they normally cover a large range of categories from soul, rock, and pop, covering numerous decades and having a big collection to select from.

Indie Bands: This is normally a 3 or four-piece male-fronted, guitar-based sound. Playing tunes from bands like The Clash to Killers, The Strokes, Stereophonics, and Oasis.

Folk Rock Band: These bands are perfect for the festival, rustic, and vintage themed occasions and wedding events and are preferred generally thanks to Mumford and Sons.

Acoustic Bands: When you hire acoustic bands they can be anything from a duo as much as a four or five-piece band and can carry out unplugged or with amplification if performing in a larger room.

Vintage Bands: A vintage band typically covers music from the 1920s through the decades and up to the 1960s they will dress according to the era they are carrying out to and likewise sound amazing.

Jazz Bands: When you hire a jazz band they will carry out popular Jazz standards, Modern Pop, Swing, and Dixieland to name but a few genres. A jazz band or ensemble can comprise of a singer in addition to just being instrumental for background music.

Roaming Acoustic Bands: These bands will roam and stroll among your guests and will not be limited to simply being on a stage. These would be acoustic unplugged style or perhaps a wandering brass band. A roaming band will be unamplified so there is no need for a set-up time.

These are simply a couple of alternatives there are a lot more like a Soul and Funk band or Motown band or even a Tribute band. When hiring a band, there is plenty to think about, take your time and book early.


Acoustic bands for wedding events

January 4th, 2021 · No Comments · Music

Folk duo

What is an acoustic band? Acoustic bands can be available in numerous styles and can play a more relaxed set of tunes along with a more positive set in the unplugged style; acoustic bands carry out unamplified or with some amplification if this is needed. Amongst the more popular choices for wedding events is an acoustic duo which generally consists of a guitarist along with a singer. Numerous other acoustic musical instruments include a piano, double bass, and likewise a Cajon. A Cajon is a box-like instrument that the percussionist rests on and likewise uses their fingertips, hands, along with hands to produce a noise this replaces the drums for some acoustic bands.

Acoustic wedding bands, along with duos, are best for locations where they may have a sound limiter in position. When the noise reaches a particular decibel, this is a gadget that cuts off the band’s electricity.

An acoustic band is most suitable for more intimate wedding events along with in addition for those afternoon beverages reception. With many styles to choose from, listed below are a handful of options for you.

Jazz bands for wedding events

A standard jazz band may consist of a singer, a pianist a double bass, and likewise percussionist, while others will just be background crucial. They will perform your timeless jazz requirements to New Orleans or Dixieland jazz.

Acoustic Duos

This is the very best choice for a relaxed afternoon beverages reception; an acoustic duo will usually include a vocalist along with an acoustic guitar or with an option of both playing guitars and likewise both vocal singing. They are similarly able to perform a lot more up-tempo set of tunes making them very flexible to make use of for the whole day. A pianist and singer would be another acoustic duo.

Modern Folk Band

These styles of bands are an extremely popular choice for wedding events thanks to the extremely popular Mumford & Sons. A modern-day folk band for wedding events will establish an extraordinary environment not just do they look excellent by dressing the part they sound unbelievable with instruments such as a double bass, banjo, guitar along with Cajon you will definitely be shocked by a modern-day Folk band.

How about a Celtic folk band? They will play a dynamic mix of tunes and tunes from the Irish, English, and Scottish folk customs.

Wandering Acoustic Band

For something completely different why not select an acoustic roaming band, they will walk around the area or in the premises encouraging your guests to take part in singing in addition to dancing along to your preferred tunes. Instruments would be acoustic guitars and in some cases a double bass or violin. They will be unamplified so no requirement for a long setup time.

A Formal Wedding

A string quartet is an exceptional choice for a more official kind of wedding; a few of the instruments would definitely be violins, viola in addition to the cello. They will definitely play those classical tunes along with a lot more modern-day pop requirements making them a favoured choice for a church ceremony and likewise a relaxed reception.

Acoustic Guitarist

A solo musician will normally have a huge toolbox of tunes and likewise will definitely have the capability to cover all the day’s activities from the service as much as the night entertainment. Once again like the acoustic duo, they are totally flexible and likewise have a quick set-up time. A lot of the guitarist presently carries out utilizing a looping pedal which is a gadget that establishes instant recordings of a music performance along with plays those recordings back in real-time establishing much better audio as if there is higher than just a solo musician performing.

Mexican Mariachi Band

These bands are exceptionally flexible with a truly big collection varying from Mexican tunes to modern pop music, which is altered right into their mariachi design. Instruments would definitely be a mix of guitars violin, trumpet, vihuela, guitarrón which is a bass tool in addition to sometimes a harp.

Another choice might be a ukulele band; normally, a trio or quartet is the favoured choice.

There are various alternatives for acoustic bands and artists and ideally, these couple of concepts will be of aid.



Wanting to book a wedding singer or even a wedding musician?

December 17th, 2020 · No Comments · Music

wedding saxophonist

Wedding Musician


A wedding actually must have the best living wedding band or maybe wedding singers to allow it to become to be an outstanding day. In case you’re considering hiring the ideal wedding musician or maybe singer for the wedding then take a glance through the artists offered at Music8. When booking your wedding vendors like the caterers, photographers, and specifically wedding musicians it is essential in order to take into account a lot of choices as well as in order to book them effectively in advance Singers and musicians are only able to work on one wedding one day particularly in the summer months so it’s important to ensure it is the day of yours and not for somebody else’s wedding. When you’re prepared to book your wedding suppliers, ensure the live music of yours is actually the very first thing you tick off the list.


What can I look at in a wedding day musician?

A string quartet would put in a touch of sophistication to the day of yours. It is ideal for your family and friends while they’re patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. A string quartet would additionally be a great idea for the drinks reception. They may be extremely flexible playing not merely classical tunes though much more contemporary ones too. Another choice for a wedding day musician will be a harpist which would put in a touch of elegance to the wedding.

Another choice for musicians is actually saxophonists; they’re incredibly flexible and could perform at the ceremony or even later on in the evening.

What about a solo acoustic artist

In case you do not have the spending budget for a band a solo artist is going to offer entertainment that is amazing at a very affordable price tag. An acoustic artist is going to have a big repertoire of songs to select from covering numerous genres so there’ll be a thing there for everybody. They are able to perform a much more calm set of music during your drinks reception and after that a far more upbeat set at night. You can also go with an acoustic duo which would entail a guitarist and a male or female vocalist to accompany them.

What about a Solo wedding singer

You are able to often go with the most widely used solo wedding singer who’d be a great option for the ceremony or maybe drinks reception. There’s a great option of genres and styles to pick from like opera to rock and pop. They could also do it in the evenings and once again typically armed with a big repertoire of songs to select from they are going to provide an excellent evening’s entertainment understanding what to sing and when. A solo wedding singer is going to sing to quality backing tracks.

Vintage style wedding singer

A vintage singer is going to carry out a stunning collection of classics from bygone times, along with much more modern-day classics in a Retro Style. Whether you choose from the roaring’20s, the love of the’ 40s, or perhaps the’ 50s, a vintage vocalist will amaze the friends of yours with an assortment of popular vintage music. They’ll additionally dress based on that particular era.

Ever considered a singing waiter?

A singing waiter or perhaps waiters often disguise themselves as a waiter throughout the day serving food and drinks and then when no one expects it they are going to burst into song and also have everybody joining in. This typically happens only after the meal and is actually a wonderful option for a surprise for the guests.

These are just a few  choices to think about when booking wedding singers as well as wedding musicians generally there are actually a lot more choices at Music8 Agency.


Vintage style bands

December 10th, 2020 · No Comments · Journal

Gatsby Gems Main


Let’s get one thing straight: everybody loves live music. From ballroom orchestras to folk groups, live music has all the necessary ingredients to make your event sparkle.

However, there are a couple of live music bands out there that can bring the glamour, the energy, the class, and the sophistication that vintage bands can. There really is no competition for a classic act that can call on swing, big band, bebop, rock n’ roll, jive, and more to get feet on the dance floor.

In this article, we’re going to tighten our bow ties, slip on our blue suede shoes and dive into the music of the past to discover why vintage bands are the live act you need to employ for a wedding event, corporate party, or household occasion.


Music that stands the test of time

There is a reason the music that vintage bands play has remained popular through the years which’s due to the fact that the tunes are just as excellent now as they were way back when. Classic speakeasy music like jazz and rock n’ roll offers up the best mix of rip-roaring swinging bops and sluggish, soulful ballads that constantly keep your visitors on their toes, both figuratively and actually. One minute, you’ll be doing the hand jive to a high-speed rockabilly, the next minute you’ll have couples melting together with a heart-wrenching tear-jerker. It’s all there and the very best vintage bands are the ones who know how best to blend songs from all genres that fall under the vintage banner.


Bands to fit the very best party themes

Hiring yourself a classic jazz band for your occasion opens a wealth of possibilities for how you want to prepare your event, what style you want to go for, and what gown code you have in mind. Vintage bands cover anything from the 1920s to the 1960s and the scope of styles you can select from in that range are some of the classiest and easiest to arrange out there. You might choose the Gatsby glam with determined bowties, flapper headbands and evening gown. You might hit the rock n’ roll scene with leather coats, poodle skirts, and blue jeans. You might even hit up the forties with soldier uniforms and flowery t-shirt dresses. Vintage party bands can alter their music and how they want to best fit your style, so they’re the best option for a themed get together.


Players that make a complete vintage plan

Among the terrific things about vintage bands is that they go that additional mile to populate the role of the vintage artists they aspire to be. They’ll wear the appropriate clothing for their music output, they’ll play the same instruments that their predecessors initially played, like double-basses and muted trumpets, and they’ll adopt the very same phase patter that wouldn’t have actually run out location in the classic periods. Simply put, they’ll stroll, talk, look and sound just like the genuine thing. You aren’t simply employing a musical act, you’re hiring a full-on performance piece. For an immersive and memorable entertainment bundle for your occasion, vintage bands have actually got you covered.


Setlists that have something for everybody

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you originate from, what your background is, possibilities are, you’ll like a vintage band. Their music has some of the broadest appeals out there and usually, they’ll have tunes that practically everyone has heard prior to and can value and take pleasure in. For music that satisfies each time, go with a vintage band.